A Call

Theory: 2000-2004 (some 2019)
Written: 2019
Published: 2021

We. We are ready. We are ready to create the biggest cultural and intellectual blast in history.

We are ready to see ourselves as intellectual specimen and species. Personal location in the intellectual universe is becoming more valuable than ownership of physical assets.

A shift from material values to intellectual ones could speed up human development 100 times (Absolute Public Efficiency) or more. The time the average person spends per day on creating new knowledge for humankind is supposedly measured in minutes if not in seconds. The efficiency of any intellectual system can be measured by a simple formula

D1 + D2 + D3 = D


D1 = discovery time
D2 = discovery distribution time
D3 = discovery standardization time

A unified and clear model of the intellectual universe could have an exponential effect. like Euclid`s Elements did to math and 3D visualization capabilities. We could clearly identify correlations between thoughts, algorithms, feelings and cultural movements. Once we implement the method to precisely and effectively define an intellectual universe, the application could go far beyond simply describing homo sapiens. We would be able to gain deeper understanding of any species, regardless of its own intellectual capacities. This includes natural as well as artificial lifeforms.

I, Lauri Meidla, hereby call for any and all scientists, philosophers and thinkers to continue developing laws of the intellectual universe. Let these artworks inspire you..



*Statements above are not by any means political. Capitalistic, Communistic, Socialistic, Liberal or Conservative. The only perspective that interests us is scientific or intellectual to enhance humanistic world and accelerate overall human development